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ANNOUNCEMENTChurch School begins the first Sunday after Labor Day.  Classes are held during the regular church service.  Children ages 5 – 13 are welcome. Older children and youth volunteer at the many fundraisers and community events hosted by the Church of the Good Shepherd. Church School is a wonderful opportunity for children to begin to learn the helpful lessons needed in life….learning to sit quietly, learning about music, learning about giving to others, and even learning to read. We don’t expect children to be quiet–it comes with years of practice, time and patience. It’s more important that they enjoy the experience. Children are always a pleasure to have at the services.

The Sunday School teacher is Marianne McChesney. She is a teacher in the Newton South High School with years of practice and endless patience!!

The Third Sunday Of Each Month Is Children & Youth Sunday: – a church service presented by the members of the Church School.  Children read the lessons, choose the music and present the sermon.  It’s a great way for kids to understand that they are an important part of the Church of the Good Shepherd.





Related imageAutumn Apple Picking Trip: The children also join in the fun every Autumn for an annual apple picking trip to one of the local farms. A portion of the apples are used to make apple crisp which is sold at our Fall Fair to raise funds.


Related imageHeifer International: During the Christmas holiday season, the children will take a trip to the charity Heifer International in Rutland, MA to make a presentation of member donations and to view the animals at the farm. It’s a time to learn about giving to help others and to learn about our place in the world.


Related imageChristmas Pageant: The children perform the Christmas Pageant the Sunday service before Christmas. All children and adults are welcome to participate. The children enjoy performing in the pageant which includes playing the roles of Mary, Joseph, angels, wise men and shepherds. The children will be a joy to watch as they sing and parade around the interior of the church in costume. It will be a beautiful sight to behold and a true reminder of the real meaning to Christmas.