Dear Friends:

As parishioners of  this Church, each and every day you demonstrate your commitment to be faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ and to your church: Church of Good Shepherd.  I am sure you have had difficult and challenging times as a parish in the past and you may have challenges, hard choices in the future.   In the hard times of the parish you stayed without abandoning the church.  You decided to carry the cross knowing that carrying the cross is not an end itself but a journey that would end with the resurrection.  As Christians we know the journey of taking the cross always ends with the glorious resurrection.   As we begin the month of October it is heartening to see that you all are coming together with renewed spirit and new energy to make Good Shepherd a vibrant and strong community that witness God’s love and grace.   Your generosity in sharing your time, talent and treasure make the Church of  Good Shepherd stronger and it is up to us to make it more meaningful to the community.

In order for a Church to function, as an institution of God’s love, mercy and compassion it must be supported by those who worship within the Church.

We have been taught all our lives what it means to give and be a giver.  Giving, as Jesus showed us by his own life, should be expressed with love and compassion.

God knows what it means to be a giver.  He has given us life, eternal life, victory over death, peace, hope, direction, everything we have! God is the authority in giving, we have His example to follow.

As we continue to pray for our Church and ask God to use us in the way God think appropriate let us ask our Lord to enlighten our hearts and minds as to the true meaning of giving  so that we can discern in total freedom what we should and how we should give to Lord.