Message from Father Chitral

Pentecostal Sunday will be on June 4th.   Pentecost was a day the first believers came alive in their faith and began an incredible journey of faith. We call the day of Pentecost the birthday of the Church.

On a birthday, you usually receive a gift or gifts.  On this birthday of the church we do not so much give gifts to the church but we offer back to God the gifts God has given us.The Holy Spirit gives us gifts, abilities, talents to help us to do what God wants us to do.  God gives us gifts through the Holy Spirit so that we might be strong and be able to show the world the love that God wants everyone to have. In last few years that I have been at Good Shepherd, I have got to know the enormous gifts and dreams of all of you at Good Shepherd.   I know that God has given all those gifts to each one of you to continue to serve God and God’s church: Gifts that would make the church of Good Shepherd strong, vibrant and a witness to the community about God.  As we are opening ourselves to Holy Spirit, let’s continue to discern how we can use our gifts to bring glory to God and to minister to each other including our neighbors in the community.