Message from Father Chitral

We have begun the Advent season and in few weeks we celebrate the Christmas. Advent and Christmas is a time in which we prepare for the coming of the son of God.

This is the season of good news, the season of preparing ourselves for the coming of the Lord.  It’s the season of celebration, of rejoicing, of praising God for what God has done, and is doing, and will continue to do.

Advent speaks to us about God’s coming to us, about Christ coming to us, about light shining into the darkness.  Advent as a season of the church year helps us to be prepared. It reminds us to keep our ears, eyes and our hearts open for the saving presence and power of Almighty God.

As followers of Jesus Christ let us all re-examine our lives in the Advent season to find out how we can change our lives to make Christ to own us completely.