Message from Father Chitral

As we begin the month of October it is heartening to see that as a congregation we are coming together with renewed spirit and new energy to make the Church of Good Shepherd a vibrant and strong community that witness God’s love and grace. Your generosity in sharing your time, talent and treasure make the Church of the Good Shepherd stronger and it is up to us to make it more meaningful to the community.  
We have been taught all our lives what it means to give and be a giver. Giving, as Jesus showed us by his own life, should be expressed with love and compassion. This month we launch our stewardship campaign and as always we depend on your generosity to make it a success.


On a personal level, I would like to invite each and every one of you to come to the special service we will be having on October 29th at 3 PM to ask God’s blessings on my ministry with you as your Priest in Charge.