Message from Father Chitral

The Lent season begins on March 1st and each lent season gives us to examine our relationship with God and an opportunity to ignite our friendship with God.  This will also gives a time to pause and re-energize ourselves to continue to do God’s work.
This would be a good time to reflect on your work, your thoughts and your actions and to discern your calling to do God’s work.  Sometimes may be because of our own lenses we wear, we do not see God, although God is right in front of us.  We look for God sometimes in wrong places or we cry for God saying why God abandoned us when God is with us, helping and guiding us.

As the transfiguration of Jesus teaches us, we all need some strengthening and experience of the Holy in our lives so that we can continue our work in the valley.  Having the mountaintop experience always empowers us to live our faith as Christians and to have a dynamic and confident faith.

As we begin our Lent season we are reminded that we are called to see as well as to believe and to experience as well as to hope.  We hope that this Lent will give us knowledge as well as faith and sight as well as belief.