Message from the Father Chitral

As we begin the month of April we are hoping that the snow storms will end and that we will have more sunshine and warm weather. The month of April also ends our journey in lent.  On April 16th – Easter Sunday – we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  As Christians, resurrection is the center of our faith and the goal towards which our lives move.  The resurrection is so important to us, not because it is a nice ending to the story of Jesus, but because it is the beginning of our story.  The story in which our faith can triumph over death, just as did the faith of Jesus. Easter is a time to nurture the faith that is in us. It is also a time for a new beginning.  With that spirit I wish to extend an invitation to each and every one of you to join with us on Easter Sunday to celebrate and rejoice in the glorious resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ.    My hope and prayer is that together we all could walk as one church family to bring glory to God and to share God’s love with each other and with our neighbors in the community. This Easter Sunday let’s renew our faith and hope. We are Easter People.  We believe in new life and new beginning for us and for the church of Good Shepherd.      Blessings,Chitral